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Glowing and a radiant skin is something every woman craves. I was literally worried because my skin was far from glowing. I had all kinds of skin problems like dry skin texture, aging signs, and pigmentation. I was a living breathing disaster.

I was getting sick of the comments. Everybody took it upon him/herself to remind me that I had a very bad skin. A few of time I had to restrain myself from beating the crap out of somebody. I had had enough and I decided to do something for my skin.

I knew my skin required a lot of care and I was all in because I was done being lazy. I started to try a few products that claim to have anti-aging properties but they weren’t 100% effective and that’s how I came across Skin Amour Serum. It was just another random buy but I am happy I bought the product.

I am reviewing it here today because I benefitted so much from the product. I wanted other women to know about this skin serum because it can ease your skin related problems.

You can go through my review if you want to know more about the product and trust me, you’ll consider buying it.

What is Skin Amour Serum?

Skin Amour Serum is an anti-aging product which is adept in fulfilling all the needs of your skin. The one thing I learned from my research on various skin care regimes was to know the need of the skin beforehand. You should sit down and contemplate; think about the needs of your skin and which product can fulfill it.

Let me make it simple for you. Let’s say you have aging signs, the cream you should look for is the one with peptides, collagen, and vitamins. If you have dark circles, then your product should have soothing ingredients like aloe vera or cucumber.

This serum contains peptides, collagen, and antioxidants. It also has soothing ingredients which are going to tamp down all that chaos going on in your skin.

How does it work?

There is nothing complex to the working of Skin Amour Serum. It will penetrate your skin’s upper layer and will work from the inside. Since it contains peptides and collagen particles, the repairing process will start right away. Other ingredients will work to remove dark circles and pigmentation and when all this will be tackled, the ingredients will work on imparting a glow to your face but just remember, impale yourself to this cream until and unless all your skin woes go away.

This product also makes your skin look healthy because since the particles are penetrating your skin’s upper layer, it will flush out all the toxins sticking to your skin. This will make sure you have a healthy skin, always.

Can you sum up the benefits of Skin Amour Serum:

Contains natural ingredients

These days, with all that adulteration going on, it has become a necessity to choose a product wisely. You cannot be just up and use any product that in your sight. You have to be meticulous and I wasn’t. I didn’t even know the difference between the both and was using each and every product I could get my hands on, relentlessly. I got to know the quality difference after using this cream. You will feel it in the texture and will feel heavenly after applying it.

Brightens the skin

Skin brightening is a proof of a healthy skin. Skin Amour Serum will impart a glow to the skin and you will thank me for telling you about this amazing product. There won’t be any need to use makeup to hide your flaws because after applying this serum for a few days, you will not have a single flaw in your face.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

That’s the reason you are using the product and your purpose will be served. Don’t you worry about it? It contains ingredients that are adept in decreasing aging signs. I was told it contains Argireline which is basically a chemical extracted from a plant. This chemical impedes the muscle activity and prevents further aging signs.

It will provide collagen and peptides which will rebuild and rejuvenate your skin in a most natural way.

Lightens dark circles and pigmentation

Dark circles are very much apparent because the skin under the eyes is very light. The product will take care of that for you. The pigmentation will also lighten but an assiduous use is required in order to achieve that.

Remember these few points:

Skin Amour Serum will not cure any skin diseases

Do not use with a prescribed skin cream

Close the lid after using to prevent contamination

Keep the product out of reach of kids

Do not the product anywhere but online

Return the package if you think it has been tampered

Always check the expiration date

How can I be sure of the product?

You can be sure of the product by conducting a patch test. You can take a small amount of the product at the back of the hand and rub it nicely. If it doesn’t cause any itching, irritation or inflammation, the product suits you. If any of those things happen, rinse off the product immediately.

I prefer to conduct a patch test on the underside of my jaw because the skin there is similar to face and you will get a better feel of the product.

Where can I buy this cream?

You can buy Skin Amour Serum very easily by clicking on the image I have attached with my review. Just click on it and you will be redirected to the brand’s official website. You will have to fill up a form and provide your credentials. The product will be delivered to you in 4-5 business days.

The company knows about the skepticism that comes with a new product and thus is ready to face it head on. To ease your quandary over using a new product, they are providing a trial offer. You will have to click on Rush My Trial. In this offer, you will get a full-size product that use can use for a few days. This cream starts showing its effects after almost a month application. By availing a trial pack, you can know whether or not the product suits you.

You will have to return the trial pack within 14-days but if you like the serum, you can pay the full price and use it to have a younger looking skin.


Skin Amour Serum is one product I can’t get enough of. There is no flaw in the product and it works amazingly. The first thing I want to mention is the composition of the product. The texture is rich and creamy and not heavy at all. It will absorb right into the skin the moment you apply it.

The other feature is its property of removing aging signs. I was ghastly looking on wrinkles on my cheekbones and around my eyes. My wrinkles started to lighten after 20 days of regular use. They didn’t diminish properly but they the intensity wasn’t that severe. Now, after 70 days, my aging signs have diminished fully. I couldn’t ask for more from the product.

I couldn’t ask for more but it still gives more. It will work an excellent job of moisturizing your skin and that is why I used it as a moisturizer before applying makeup and using it at night is a prerequisite because that way the product gets uninterrupted 8 hours to work.

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