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Muscle building is a tough business. Not everybody is capable of building muscles because it requires determination, endurance, and skill. You need to channel your weaknesses and strengths in the right way.

Some people get misguided by the notion that the more you workout, the more muscles you will be able to make. Well, it is true but there are other things that need attention too. For example, how long can you workout? If the answer is half an hour, then forget about muscles.

You need to workout for at least one and a half hour and that too 5 days a week. If you are able to do this, you will do good but if not, you can use a product called KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT.

I also wanted to build a body, have that strapping built, but there was one problem. I didn’t have the energy to do it. I though I should warm up my body a little for a strenuous workout. Thus, I started to jog but after 10 minutes or so, I used to feel tired.

I decided to use a supplement that could increase my energy and the product I told you was the one that came to my mind. KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT was my first choice because my cousin had used it and he did build an impressive body.

Let me give a concise description of KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT…

KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT is a muscle enhancing supplement that comes in the form of a pill. The product is made after a meticulous research and study. A variety of plant and herbs were researched and the ones that were 100% effective were added to it.

The formula proffers a lot of proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates along with a boost in testosterone levels. This ensures we are getting 100% out of our body. A few alterations in the diet never hurts and in this case, will help you build muscles in less time.

A little about the working of KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT…

We should discuss why we need to partake a supplement. You must know a steroid hormone called testosterone. It is responsible for everything that happens to you.

From puberty to old age, all the changes happening in your body are because of the alterations in the level of T. A decrease in T will lead to low muscle mass, low bone density, and low energy. It is also responsible for erectile dysfunction, infertility, hair loss and gynecomastia (enhancement of breast tissue).

KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT will increase the level of T in your body, naturally. It provides free testosterone as well and thus, the body is never deprived of T. It also increases the amount of a gas called Nitrogen Dioxide. Nitrogen oxide helps to remove the exercise-induced lactic acid.

It also enhances oxygen and blood flow which will ensure the amount of lactic acid that build up during a workout is reduced and thus fatigue will be reduced efficiently, galvanizing your body towards a more strenuous workout.

Ingredients used in KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT:


This one is my favorite because this product has got so much humor in it. The other name of epimedium is horny goat weed, funny, right? Oh! You won’t become horny by consuming this product. This ingredient contains flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. Oxidants are a menace and they enter in our body from almost everything and epimedium will help you get rid of them.

Wild Yam Extract

This extract has been immensely useful in increasing male sex hormones and can potentially lead to a testosterone boost. Thus, it results in enhancing your libido. If by any reason you sex drive is plummeting, you can rest easy because this product will remedy that by increasing your libido. It also aids in the regulation of cholesterol levels and improves digestion. Thus it takes care of overall well-being of the body.


Zinc performs a lot of different functions in our bodies but wound healing and protein building are its main functions. Your body needs to build proteins in order to build impressive muscles. You should pay mind to the fact that it is not pumping your body with artificial proteins and instead is encouraging your body to build proteins which is a very impressive feature.

Tribulus Terrestris

This a flowering plant largely found in the warm regions of Asia and Europe. Tribulus Terrestris is considered to boost testosterone. Strengthing muscles and increasing muscle mass are other few pros of taking this herb from this product.

Advantages of using KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT:

1. Increases testosterone levels

The product increases testosterone levels naturally and you will be able to feel the effects only after a week of its consumption. The surge in energy will be evident because you, yourself will want to workout more.
2. Improves endurance and strength

If you actually want to have a strapping built, you should be strong and be able to endure a strenuous workout. How will you do that? You will do that by partaking KRATOS MAX PRE WORKOUT on a regular basis. The product will slowly increase your enduring power and will make you able to breeze your way through the workout.

3. Increases muscle mass and bone density

An increase in muscle mass and bone density is equally important. Your muscles will increase when you have a mass of them and that’s what this product is going to do. The bone density is vital because your bones support your muscles. Strong bones mean strong stature and ability to tolerate all the muscles you are going to pack.

Remember these points:

1. Not for kids under 18

2. Do not accept the package if tampered

3. Keep the product out of the reach of kids

4. Do not, in any circumstances, overdose

5. Doctor’s recommendation is advised

6. Always close the lid after using to prevent contamination

Use it like this…

The bottle comes with 120 capsules and they are made up of natural plants and extracts. The product won’t show any side effects until you stick to the recommended dosage. Extra dose is not going to help you pack muscles in a single day.

You can take the prescribed dosage i.e 2 capsules and gulp them down with a glass of water.

I prefer to partake the product half an hour before the workout because then the product gets time to kick in but you can use it however you want.

Buy it here…

For your convenience, I have attached an image with my review. You can click on it and buy from the page you will be redirected to. You will have to provide your credentials like name and address. Once the payment is made, the product will be delivered to you in 4-5 business days.

You can also get a trial offer by clicking on RUSH MY TRIAL. You can use the product for 14-days. If you like it, you can pay for it and if not, you will have to return it within 14-days of delivery.


I never knew workout could be exciting. Earlier I used to count the minutes and even seconds when I exercised but now, it’s like I am a whole other person. I don’t even realize the amount of time I put in it because it’s just so easy, to immerse yourself in the workout. I have actually started to enjoy it.

You can surely benefit from the product but you will have to order it and I suggest you do it now. You will not regret your decision, trust me.

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