September 18, 2019
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Sex is one of the important concern that comes in every man’s mind while thinking about happy and enjoyable life. Men tend to take pride in performing best in sex and satisfying their partner with intense orgasm. While talking about pleasurable sex life, the size and width of penis, as well as staying power of […]


There are plenty of men who wish to build a muscular body and all they do is sit and think about it. And there are plenty of men who go to gym regularly and follow a strict diet and still find themselves fighting to get rid of fat and trying to replace it with muscles. […]


After a certain age everything changes. The efficiency and the energy level of body drops. Unlike women most men experience drastic changes in the physiology of the body. The stamina and the libido level starts to drop. This causes a great deal of stress and complications in the relationship. Many men experience these symptoms and […]


Can’t you, as Marvin Gaye’s says, Get It On ‽ Yeah, that’s really a common problem with us men these days. We have carnal needs but due to this dysfunctioning, we aren’t able to perform so well. And you know what guys, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself; because you can treat this little glitch […]

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